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Body changes! Emotional rollercoaster! Fad diets! What to think?

How do I talk to my mom (or dad) about sex? - By: Kathryn Tiffany, MS LAC Great question!  Many teens want to know the answer to this too. Here are some tips to start the conversations about sex with you parents: (starting the conversation is typically the hardest part) Think of… IN Ask a Doctor, Ask an Expert, Your Mind
Can I minimize my acne and what are my best skin care options? - By Laura Badalamenti, NMD --- There are many ways to reduce acne. The first and most important is your dietary choices. Diets high in sugar and carbohydrates will contribute to acne. Also, it is best to avoid fast food and… IN Ask a Doctor, Ask an Expert, Your Bod
What are some options for dealing with fibroids? - By Jennifer Nevels, NMD --- Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that can develop in the uterus. Their development is thought to be caused by a hormonal imbalance. More specifically, estrogen, one of the main hormones produced by the ovaries is typically… IN Ask a Doctor, Ask an Expert, Your Bod
How can I help myself eat balanced meals? - By Shelly Sandhu --- Think nutrient dense.  You can nurture your body with nutrients by changing or starting one habit at a time.  If you have a habit to skip breakfast every morning then start a new habit by having… IN Ask a Doctor, Ask an Expert, Your Diet
How can I help a friend with anxiety attacks? - By: Kathryn Tiffany, MS LAC The best thing that you can do for a friend with anxiety attacks is to encourage them to seek help with a trusted adult, school counselor or teacher. Another way to help is to provide… IN Ask a Doctor, Ask an Expert, Your Mind

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Stories That Inspire

I was asked to write an article for the “Stories that Inspire” section of this website. Wow. I never thought I would have made it to a point where I could inspire and be in a position where I could share my story. I have no way of telling how you wandered to this site and then this article, but I hope you find the support you’re looking for, as well as the words you need to hear to carry on. Read more »


Like many people my age, I come from a blended family. There’s my mom, step-dad, step-sister, my two brothers and me. I was six when my mom got remarried and I am now 22. While it was challenging growing up in a blended family, it was rewarding, too. Looking back now, I wouldn’t trade my situation because, in the end, it gave me my family, and I wouldn’t change my family for anything in the world. Read more »


I’ve always felt emotions so deeply, seemingly much more than others. Anxiety found me even as a child. I’d cry hysterically to my mom because I was afraid of death and feel sick to my stomach for weeks before sleep away camp. Once my teenage years hit, the darkness of depression started to seep in. These intense emotions were frightening, and so I hid them away. Read more »