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CeCe’s Hope Center

By Jackie James — Growing up is a difficult transition in anyone’s life, but even more so if you are facing the world without a family to guide you. This is where CeCe’s Hope Center comes in; filling the void for female victims of sexual abuse and exploitation to provide much needed assistance to help […]


What are STDs?

By Laura Badalamenti, NMD — Over the next several weeks we will be taking a look at different STDs, but let’s start at the beginning…What are STDs? A sexually transmitted disease (STD) is an infection a person gets after sexual contact. Sexual contact includes vaginal, penile, oral, anal, and other skin to skin genital area […]


Which ME Do People See?

By Stephanie Brewer — Actions speak louder than words, meaning that the things we do can make a stronger impression on other people than anything we might say. In fact, studies show that most people form an impression of another person within the first seven seconds of meeting! Think about companies like Nike and Coca-Cola. […]

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How to Save for a Car

By M Katie Helle, CPA – As a teen or young adult, there are some things we look very forward to in life.  One for me was my 16th birthday.  I knew this milestone came with a lot of freedom; one of which was getting my driver’s license.  I will never forget this birthday.  I […]


What Consent Looks Like

By  Miriam Aliberti — Prom night is wrapping up and everyone’s hanging out at an after-party. You’re double dating with your friend Grace who has been with her boyfriend Aaron for 6 months. He’s told her he thinks they’ve waited long enough to have sex and the big night should be tonight. She’s not sure […]