What is Syphilis?

By Laura Badalamenti, NMD — Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by type of bacteria named, Treponema pallidum. The number of cases and risk of contracting syphilis is less than the other sexually transmitted infections we have talked about. However, from 2000-2017 there has been a rise in reported cases primarily with men who […]

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Managing Your Time

By Stephanie Brewer — What happens when you have a limited amount of something valuable? We usually think of money when it comes to limited resources. There never seems to be enough to do what we need to do. But money isn’t the only limited resource. Our time is limited and it is just as […]

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Why Give Generously

By M Katie Helle, CPA – Have you ever been in a position to help out a friend or family member in a time in need?  Do you remember the feeling you had?  This is the same feeling many people have when giving to charity. Each year, millions of people donate to charities on a […]