The Road to Self-Confidence

By Kristen Donia — defines self-confidence as:”realistic confidence in one’s own judgment, ability, power, etc. So how do we form our own judgments and beliefs in our abilities? Our self-confidence develops throughout our lives as we continue to come into contact with all the elements of existence. Our self-confidence is often tied to how […]

body positvity and diet_1329

Body Positivity and Diet

By Kristen Donia — You’re probably not surprised to hear that just like other aspects of life, body positivity is made up of more than one component. Let’s look at an example. If you decide one day you want to play volleyball, from that day on you will make choices that are in alignment with […]

Setting Body Positive Goals

By Kristen Donia — If someone were to ask, would you call yourself goal-oriented? For some of us, goals are the driving forces of our lives and on the other hand, sometimes we’re looking for a place to start in establishing healthy, attainable goals. We’ve been on this road together, evaluating our relationship with our […]