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College Bound AZ

By Marybeth Bock — Applying to college and finding success there can be a daunting experience for any student. It is especially challenging if that young person is economically disadvantaged or is a first-generation college student. Did you know that according to the US Department of Education, only 14% of low-income students complete college? In […]

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Desert Milagros

By Alison Stanton — In a continuing effort to let our readers know about programs and organizations in Arizona that are making a significant difference in the lives of teenagers, Teen Strong is pleased to highlight Desert Milagros, and the significant work that they do. Q: How long ago did Desert Milagros open, and what […]

CeCe’s Hope Center

By Jackie James — Growing up is a difficult transition in anyone’s life, but even more so if you are facing the world without a family to guide you. This is where CeCe’s Hope Center comes in; filling the void for female victims of sexual abuse and exploitation to provide much needed assistance to help […]

Youth on Their Own

By Jackie James — Imagine you are graduating from high school: A pretty big day in your life, right? You worked hard, studied, got adequate sleep, ate well, and maintained nurturing relationships with friends and family to achieve this goal. Now imagine having to navigate homework, tests, and social stressors to reach the same goal, […]