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The Power of Positivity

By Joan Marlow — “Attitude is a Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference.” Winston Churchill “Once you Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones, You’ll Start Having Positive Outcomes.”  Willie Nelson “The Only Person you are Destined to Become is the Person You Decide to Be.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson I’m chuckling to myself as I […]


The Power of Pause

By Joan Marlow — You’ve had enough and what comes out of your mouth is:  SHUT UP!!!  YOU’RE STUPID!!  I DON’T WANT YOU AS A FRIEND!!  I HATE YOU!!  I’M JUST AN IDIOT!!! OR Your body goes into action:  slamming doors, cutting class, driving too fast, not following through on a promise, beating up on […]

Just Breathe_1329

Just B-R-E-A-T-H-E…

By Joan Marlow — Has this ever happened to you?  Everywhere you turn there’s DRAMA …mom and dad are fighting again, your teacher has unrealistic expectations for a project you’re working on, your friends are taking risks that are making you uncomfortable, your boyfriend appears to be pulling away!!!   Your body and brain are saying […]