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Why Give Generously

By M Katie Helle, CPA – Have you ever been in a position to help out a friend or family member in a time in need?  Do you remember the feeling you had?  This is the same feeling many people have when giving to charity. Each year, millions of people donate to charities on a […]

Why Open a 529 Plan

By M Katie Helle, CPA – Many new parents are bombarded with added financial expenses as they welcome a child to their family.  The last thing new parents think about is their child’s future education.  In reality, this should be something they consider thinking about while their children are young.  This is where a 529 […]

How to Save for a Car

By M Katie Helle, CPA – As a teen or young adult, there are some things we look very forward to in life.  One for me was my 16th birthday.  I knew this milestone came with a lot of freedom; one of which was getting my driver’s license.  I will never forget this birthday.  I […]