Celebrating ME!

By Jackie James — It’s time to celebrate…YOU! October is Self Promotion Month, so let’s focus on your personal growth and advancement by examining what makes YOU special. While most people can quickly list their failures, their regrets, and their flaws, instead, let’s concentrate on your TRIUMPHS, your DREAMS, and your UNIQUE FABULOUSNESS! The most […]


Understanding Domestic Violence

By Hannah Maine — October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and we’re shedding some light on what is considered domestic violence and how to recognize the signs of an abusive relationship. Women are most of the battered party in a relationship; with more than 38 million American women have been victims of domestic violence. However, […]


One Valley Mom’s Story

By Marybeth Bock — It’s normal for teens to feel sad, worried, and overwhelmed at times. But what if those feelings begin to spiral out of control and cause you to think about hurting yourself or even taking your own life? Teenagers who get to that point often feel that they have no one who […]


Hope Is Key for Teens

By Nikki Kontz, LMSW — September is national Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. In recognition of this important month, we’re helping teens throughout Arizona find hope – one of the keys in preventing suicidal thoughts and behaviors – and we’ve enlisted students and others on school campuses to help. From September 3-10, students, educators and parents […]