10 Tips for Surviving Finals

By Nikki Kontz —  Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by finals? If so, you’re not alone. The end of the school year can be a challenging time for many high school and college students. Between April and June, some teens call the Teen Lifeline hotline because they need help coping with the added […]

Everybody Deserves Good Sex Ed

By PPAZ Education Team — Is sex education part of your school day? If you are getting information in your classroom about birth control, consent, healthy relationships, and STDs- then you are among a small number of students in Arizona who get this essential health information. Currently in the state of Arizona, sex education is […]

Social Media “Mistakes”

By Marybeth Bock — Summer is fast approaching and many teenagers have already begun searching for a summer job. No matter what your age or the type of job you may be applying for, there’s a very good chance that a potential employer will conduct a background check on you. In our digital world, the […]


What Consent Looks Like

By  Miriam Aliberti — Prom night is wrapping up and everyone’s hanging out at an after-party. You’re double dating with your friend Grace who has been with her boyfriend Aaron for 6 months. He’s told her he thinks they’ve waited long enough to have sex and the big night should be tonight. She’s not sure […]