Coping with Racism as a Teen in AZ

By  Miriam Aliberti — Racism is a subject that can be tough to talk about and even tougher to know how to handle. Because Arizonans come from so many different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, we have lots of opportunity for getting to know people who are culturally and racially different from us. Along with […]

The Dangers of Teen Sexting

By  Miriam Aliberti — A bunch of guys are in a huddle shoving each other to get a closer look at something. “Whoa,” one of them says “look at the size of those gazongas.” When Melanie snapchatted Brad the picture of herself posing in her panties, she never expected him to show it to anyone else. […]

Father’s Day Fun

By Marybeth Bock — Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time to show Dad some love. “Dads” can be any male figure in your life who’s guided you and influenced you in a positive way – stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and adult family friends. Celebrating this special bond lets them know you appreciate their love […]